Answering Service for Apartment Complexes

Apartment complex owners are never truly off the clock. Whether you need to schedule a showing for a prospective applicant during the day or respond to a tenant’s burst water pipe at night, it’s important that people have a way to reach you anytime, day or night. That’s why you need a reliable answering service for apartment complexes, and there’s no better choice than VoiceNation. Our virtual receptionists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to give your tenants the assistance they need.

How Our Answering Service Can Help Your Apartment Complex

Running an apartment complex is a lot of work. From showings to maintenance, it seems like there’s always something that needs to get done, and you can’t be everywhere at once. But with an answering service for apartment complexes like VoiceNation, you don’t need to handle everything yourself. When you sign up with us, you’ll get virtual receptionists who are professionally trained to handle any issues your callers may have. This includes:

  • Scheduling apartment showings
  • Handling routine maintenance requests
  • Answering questions about listings
  • Connecting callers to emergency assistance

No matter what apartment complex problems you need help with, VoiceNation is here to assist you.

How an Apartment Complex Answering Service Works

A single missed call at an apartment complex can have serious consequences, whether it’s missing out on a potential tenant or a maintenance request that’s causing property damage. Each call you receive needs to be answered promptly and professionally. That’s why our operators are trained to answer every call in 10 seconds or less.

Our virtual receptionists undergo continuous professional training to ensure that they’re able to handle any problem a caller has. With the help of our proprietary software, our live operators can take messages, capture leads, schedule showings, patch calls to you or your employees, and more. Best of all, our operators are available during all hours of the day and night, so you don’t have to be. This includes weekends and holidays.

When you sign up for an answering service for apartment complexes with VoiceNation, you never have to worry about missing a call again.

VoiceNation Features

Every answering service plan we offer includes a wide range of helpful features for your apartment complex, including:

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We offer a wide range of plans so you can choose the one that’s right for your apartment complex, but if you don’t see a plan that works for you, feel free to send us a message or call us at 877-679-3777 and let us help you pick the perfect option for your business. You can also try out our services for free: Sign up for a 7-day free trial to see for yourself just how much VoiceNation can help you run your apartment complex!