Do I Have to Answer My Phone?

It’s important for businesses to always answer the phone when it rings. When you’re a customer who has to contact a business for a service or to ask a question, it feels like a waste of your valuable time and energy when a call goes straight to voicemail or you’re left waiting for the business to pick up. In some cases, it can even cause a potential customer to choose to go elsewhere. Answering the phone within the first three rings is the most professional thing you can do in business; allowing the phone to ring too many times or sending a call straight to voicemail leads a client to believe they aren’t valued.

Both the business and the customer win when calls are picked up and handled in a timely manner. Answering the phone also shows customers that you’re professional, it allows for good first impressions for new clients, and it may even be the edge your business needs to stand out against the competition. Answering the phone can be such a simple task, but it does so much more for your business than you may initially think!

If you’re wondering “do I have to answer my phone?”, You don’t have to worry about that task! Instead, you can delegate the project to somebody else like a receptionist or live answering service. That way you can pay somebody else to handle that task for you so you can focus on other pressing parts of the job. It doesn’t matter who on your team answers the phone, what matters is that the customer is taken care of and feels that their time is valued by your business.

Use a Virtual Receptionist Who Will Always Answer the Phone

“Do I have to answer the phone?” No, not at all! But somebody should! And when you’re looking for that somebody for the task, consider using VoiceNation. The US-based operators at VoiceNation understand the importance of always answering the phone when a customer calls. We make sure your customer calls never go to voicemail and are available for your business 24/7; even on weekends and holidays! We’ll always make sure there is a professional available to help your clients and potential clients with any questions, comments, or concerns they may have. When you have the chance you can log in to our online dashboard to review your call log to access any messages you may have received to ensure you’re satisfied with our work.

Get started today with a 7-day free trial today to see if a virtual receptionist will help your office handle all the phone calls you receive!