Customization At Its Peak!

Peyton Duplechien • 16 May 2019 • 2 min read

Atlanta, GA – July, 2008 – “While other companies are trying to convince their platform’s manufacturer to make certain improvements, our team of developers have already implemented them. This makes VoiceNation unique because we are the actual architects of our technology. We don’t have to call the experts, we are the experts”, stated Graham Taylor, Vice President of VoiceNation.
La-Z-Boy, a well known furniture gallery store, witnessed VoiceNation’s adaptability firsthand after ordering a disaster recovery hotline. They requested to have their emergency hotline greeting available for listening on their website as well as over the phone. They wanted to prepare their company for any situation and empower their employees with the resources to overcome unpredictable destruction caused by natural disasters.
In response to this concerned request, VoiceNation created a link for LaZBoy’s website that would post the recorded emergency hotline greeting in real time. Jay Reeder, President of VoiceNation stated, “Our goal is that our services should seamlessly and transparently integrate with your business practices so that they work with you and become an invaluable tool for your business”.
LaZBoy is not the only observer of Voicenation’s customizing abilities. In 2006, VoiceNation was presented with the opportunity to assist a competitor in their industry that was closing their business. OnlyOne was a company managed by a number of ambitious investors who were pioneering a state of the art voice mail service that afforded customers complete control of their business calls.
OnlyOne contacted VoiceNation in hopes of finding a solution that could save hundreds of customers from losing their business numbers before their doors closed. VoiceNation agreed to port OnlyOne’s numbers to their platform and completely emulated the features and capabilities. Customers did not have to re-learn a new interface or sacrifice capabilities they had become accustomed to. VoiceNation easily overcame the typical technology limitations that are frequent stumbling blocks for other companies.
“VoiceNation is the first company to develop proprietary communication technology that is completely adaptable to meet unique business requirements”, says Jay Reeder, President and Owner of VoiceNation.
LaZBoy and OnlyOne are just a couple of examples where companies have benefited from VoiceNation’s ability to provide unmatched customized services. It is truly remarkable when a company is dedicated to their goals and does all that they can to keep up to date with today’s ever changing technology, while at the same time providing unwavering customer satisfaction.
About VoiceNation:
VoiceNation, America’s leader in virtual PBX and voicemail was founded in 2002 by President Jay Reeder and opened their Next Generation call centers in 2009. The company has grown to serve more than 40,000 customers including FEMA, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Dell, AIG and the U.S. Coast Guard. They leverage the very latest in proprietary technology solutions in order to deliver quality call answering services at the lowest cost to their customers. To learn more about VoiceNation and their services, please visit
To learn more about VoiceNation and their services, please visit or contact:
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