Start Up On A Shoe String? VoiceNation Hosted Phone Systems Are Big On Value, Small On Price

Peyton Duplechien • 16 May 2019 • 3 min read

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) September 27, 2006 –VoiceNationSM is unveiling new technology that empowers small business owners to move beyond spotty cell phone coverage and into feature-rich, hosted phone systems that support business growth.
Many customers think at first that this is some sort of VoIP solution
“Small business owners are intimidated by the $25,000-$30,000 in infrastructure costs of a traditional PBX,” says Joe Schiavone, Vice President of Sales for VoiceNation. “They don’t realize the capability now exists for a business to get Fortune 50 communications, including a multi-extension hosted phone system with voicemail, auto attendant and fax, for less than $50.00 a month.”
VoiceNation holds up their “Virtual PBX” technology as the new standard in voice communications. The VoiceNation Virtual PBX offers customers features such as multiple mailboxes, custom greetings, music-on-hold, and live call forwarding for $39.95 a month is most cases. The VoiceNation platform can scale to small business and large-scale organizations alike, and can give callers the impression of a single coordinated office, even if employees and partners are scattered across the country.
But according to Mr. Schiavone, this service does not come at the cost of call quality. “Many customers think at first that this is some sort of VoIP solution,” relates Schiavone. “But VoIP uses the imperfect reliability of the Internet, with voice echoes and time lags breaking up important conversations. What we do is use traditional twisted pair copper phone lines to give you the highest voice quality. What is unique is that we provide this as a hosted solution to keep it affordable for the small business owner.” VoiceNation also offers live answering services, giving small businesses a complete communication solution at an affordable price point.
Jay Reeder, President of VoiceNation points out another benefit to VoiceNation’s approach: the fact that it provides 98% local exchange number availability across the country. “We house our equipment in the main switching rooms of major service providers,” says Reeder. “This allows us to provide our clients with a local number, so they can maintain their local presence and create a more personal relationship with their customers. And since we own all of our own program code and equipment, creating customized solutions to meet our clients needs is not a problem.”
Another benefit that VoiceNation provides to small business is the fact that they host a client’s phone network at a VoiceNation facility, protecting phone service in the event of a natural disaster. This keeps inbound calls coming in, even if there is damage at a company’s main office location. VoiceNation can even provide a unique call-in number for employees to get messages in case of an emergency. They in turn can leave messages that are uploaded to the Internet through a proprietary VoiceNation technology. A Human Resources or other administrator can then log in and find out exactly where their employees are and coordinate workflow throughout the crisis.
All of this technology is geared towards creating an environment where small business can thrive and level the playing field against larger, multi-million dollar organizations. According to VoiceNation, just because a company is small, doesn’t mean it has to sound like it. Even a “mouse” can roar like lion when they have the right voicemail and business communication package.
About VoiceNation:
VoiceNation, America’s leader in virtual PBX and voicemail was founded in 2002 by President Jay Reeder and opened their Next Generation call centers in 2009. The company has grown to serve more than 40,000 customers including FEMA, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Dell, AIG and the U.S. Coast Guard. They leverage the very latest in proprietary technology solutions in order to deliver quality call answering services at the lowest cost to their customers. To learn more about VoiceNation and their services, please visit

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