Virtual Receptionist Phone Greetings: How Should You Answer the Phone for a Company?

Every company has a different way of answering the phone, but no matter what kind of business it is, one thing is certain: You need to make the best impression possible from the get-go. You only have one chance to make a good first impression, and while a human on the other end of the line always makes a better impression than a computer, a lousy greeting doesn’t inspire confidence in a business. So if you’re a new virtual receptionist, you may be wondering, how should you answer the phone in a company? The answer may vary from company to company, but the overarching theme is that you should always be polite and professional whenever answering the phone.

What Should a Receptionist Say When Answering the Phone?

Many companies use scripted receptionist phone greetings in order to break down any potential worries about what a receptionist should say when answering the phone. Most receptionist phone greetings include the name of the company, your name, and some variation of asking what you can do to help meet their needs. Including the company name early on reassures the caller that they’ve called the correct place, including your name creates a personal connection and finding out how you can help not only gets the ball rolling on why the phone call was made in the first place but can also give you a chance to help them right away. Some popular and professional variations of these greetings include:

  • Hello, thanks for calling [company name]. My name is [your name.] How can I assist you today?
  • Hello, this is [your name]! How can I help you today?
  • Good morning/afternoon! Thank you for calling [company name.] How may I direct your call?
  • Thank you for calling [company name.] We appreciate your call. This is [your name]: Can I get your name, please?
  • Hello, this is [your name]! Thank you for calling [company name]. How can I help you?

Some companies may have a detailed script that you cannot deviate from, so when you start working as a virtual receptionist, you will need to learn how the business prefers that you answer the phone.

Learn How to Answer the Phone Professionally With VoiceNation

If you’ve been thinking of making a career switch to become a virtual receptionist, VoiceNation can help you achieve your goals. Learning how to answer the phone professionally is just one of the many remote receptionist skills we can teach you, and with some on-the-job training, you’ll be feeling confident after no time at all. We provide extensive professional development to help our staff be the most capable they can be!

VoiceNation is a U.S.-based company that offers 24/7 live answering services for companies all over the country, most of which provide their own custom call scripts to help us give the best possible service to their customers. How you should answer the phone for a company can vary, but you’ll always be equipped with the information you need when you work with us. Start the process today if you’re ready to become a virtual receptionist with VoiceNation!