What Does a Virtual Receptionist Do?

A virtual receptionist does more than just answer the phone. Call answering is a large portion of their job, and our VoiceNation staff are true professionals that will impress your clients and customers, but they can offer so much more. They can also answer customer questions, perform patient intake, and even take orders for you.

The Role of a Virtual Receptionist

A virtual receptionist should be a seamless part of your staff. They can help you save time and money by offering expertise and experience. You won’t have to train an employee on call answering when you work with us: Our receptionists will be ready to go and immediately start serving the needs of callers. They are there to be available when you aren’t. They will speak to your customers when you’re too busy or when your office is closed. That means you can spend time on the high-priority tasks that your role requires while the receptionist does their job: attending to the needs of customers. This will free up both you and your staff.

VoiceNation Receptionist Offerings

The first aspect that makes our great receptionists stand out is their constant availability. You can use our services any time, any day of the year. We’ll always be here for you. Switching your service hours on and off is as simple as a button push in our app. We can offer you invaluable peace of mind knowing that someone can answer your business phone and offer friendly assistance to your customers at any time.

Our receptionists are highly trained and bilingual. Their skills will allow you to broaden your reach and best serve a diverse group of clients. A friendly and professional demeanor helps our staff blend seamlessly with yours. We work with our receptionists to create a custom script that is tailored to your business needs and brand. Their expertise has led to great customer satisfaction, which can lead to better retention for your business. When polled, most people prefer to talk to a human than leave a message on an automated voice message system.

There’s an array of things you can include in your call answering service. Your virtual receptionist can take orders for you, schedule appointments, pass on messages and calls, and answer basic questions about your business. You’ll work closely with us to make sure the services we offer are a perfect fit for your business. And we provide ongoing training for our staff, no matter how much experience they have, to make sure we’re keeping up with changing trends and staying as dynamic as your business. We are committed to best serving you and your customers!

Learn More About What VoiceNation Can Do for You

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