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Have our highly-trained Live Chat agents, combined with specialist technology, responding to and converting your web chats into customers.

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All or some chats: your choice

We can answer your web chats all the time or just when your in-house team are busy. This is all set up easily in the Live Chat portal.

Increase sales inquiries

With our Live Chat software the potential for every website visitor is maximized, giving you a higher chance of conversion and increasing leads.

Resolve queries faster

Managed Live Chat provides another way for your customers to get in touch. Briefed by you, we can answer customer questions right there and then.

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How it works

Sign up for VoiceNation Live Chat on your website

Then tell us about your team so we can answer chats as an extension of your business.

Add our software quickly and easily

It’s something either you or your website host can do in minutes!

Start chatting to web visitors

Answer chats whenever you’re available and have our Live Chat specialists respond when you’re busy.

Receive every chat we take

We send transcripts of every chat we handle on your behalf right away.

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What is live chat for businesses?

Businesses use live chat as an engaging and instant channel to communicate with their customers on their website. At VoiceNation, we offer a Managed Live Chat Service where highly-trained agents will answer your web chats and send any messages to you via email.

What does a live chat agent do?

A live chat agent is a real person who connects and communicates with your customers via a live chat facility. Briefed by you, VoiceNation agents are trained to manage live chat on behalf of businesses, doing things like resolving customer queries or qualifying new leads.

What's the difference between a chatbot and live chat?

Chatbots rely completely on automation and artificial intelligence (AI), while live chat software connects customers with human agents via a real-time chatbox. A third option, self-service chat, is also a popular alternative.

How do you answer chats for my business?

When you first get started with our Managed Live Chat Service, you’ll go through an onboarding process where we’ll learn as much about your business as possible. After all, we want to be a seamless extension of your business! Any time you need to make updates or changes to the way we answer your chats, we are readily available via phone or email, or you can make the updates yourself through your secure portal.

Are the chat windows customizable?

Yes! We want to best match our Live Chat Service with your website and branding. You choose how you want your chat window and widget to look during the initial setup, and after that, you can make any design changes you like in your portal.

How does live chat pricing work?

We believe in straightforward and simple pricing, with no setup fees or admin charges. Our plans include the software and bundles of chats, so you only pay for what you need!

How do I add live chat to my website?

It's a really easy job that either you or your website host can do in minutes! If you need help, we're happy to walk you through it too. Once you’re set up, you can choose when you want to answer your chats and when you want them sent to your VoiceNation Live Chat agents to answer for you.