VoiceNation’s 2010 Survey Reveals the Demand for Business Continuity Planning

Peyton Duplechien • 16 May 2019 • 3 min read

Atlanta, GA February 25, 2010 – VoiceNation, the country’s leading provider of voicemail, virtual PBX and disaster recovery solutions, informs the business world of recent survey results conducted on thousands of small to medium sized companies regarding their business continuity plan for voice communication. Their results confirmed a dramatic absence in disaster recovery preparation. VoiceNation conducted a survey on over 10,000 companies across the US, in industries including manufacturing, shipping, electronics, general contracting, real estate and more. The survey found that while 100% of companies agreed that there was a critical need for some sort of emergency plan if they lost their voice communication platform; only 38% of these businesses actually had some sort of plan in place.
Key findings of the survey included:

  • 100% of companies agreed that there was a critical need for business continuity planning for voice communications.
  • Only 38% confirmed they had such a plan for their business.
  • 100% stated daily operations would be interrupted if phones were shut down for an extended period.

Any company lacking a reliable business continuity plan runs the risk of financial ruin in the face of a disaster. Live answering service can be a big asset to disaster recovery allowing companies to disperse critical information to both employees customers. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security reports that only 60% of small businesses reopen after a disaster as destructive as the earthquake in Haiti or Hurricane Katrina. Calls to a business caught in the middle of a disaster would get only dead air or the same static message repeated. Orders would go unfulfilled with distribution channels being completely closed off and employees would have no way of contacting their employers or customers.
VoiceNation offers disaster recovery solutions for businesses facing these dilemmas in the form of toll free emergency hotlines for employee and vendor information all the way through a redundant emergency virtual PBX that mirrors existing on-premise equipment. Through VoiceNation, employees can stay connected to their office as long as they have access to some sort of phone or cell phone. By dialing a specified number they can access their entire voice network, voicemail service, and live operators that tell them where to go and explains the corporate emergency plan in place.
…we would be looking at least a $300,000-$400,000 investment. With VoiceNation it’s all covered with one low monthly fee, and we get crisis communications that we can count on.
“Companies with a suddenly dispersed work force can continue to operate effectively with good communication planning,” says Jay Reeder, CEO of VoiceNation. “Businesses can keep their employees informed as a crisis unfolds, maintain communications with customers and even continue to process orders with automated answering services and planning for remote communications–whether their employees are confined at home or quickly relocated. The good news is businesses can protect their bottom lines with careful planning today.”
VoiceNation customers like Blue Cross Blue Shield, Time Warner Cable and FEMA, are not taking any chances. Each have implemented their customized continuity solutions including emergency voicemail and live operators into their business plans and have been met with favorable results.
Blue Cross Blue Shield contacted VoiceNation for Disaster Recovery services to help maintain communication with their employees during Hurricane Isabel’s destruction to the North Carolina coast. Their service allowed over 3,000 employees to call into an outsourced emergency hotline to retrieve information and instructions.
“If we were to install a traditional PBX system for all 10 regions, plus headquarters, and upgrade the trunking to handle a higher call volume, and then get one big massive voicemail system with an offsite backup, and then administer and maintain the system, we would be looking at least a $300,000-$400,000 investment,” relates a FEMA team member. “With VoiceNation it’s all covered with one low monthly fee, and we get crisis communications that we can count on.”
Time Warner Cable obtained an emergency PBX with Live Answering capabilities, just 2 weeks shy of an unexpected ice storm that hit San Antonio, TX in 2007. The service trafficked thousands of calls to live operators and voicemail boxes that otherwise would have been too overwhelming to manage.
To find out more about preparing your business for the unexpected read: “Ten Tips for Staying in Touch and in Business”, developed by VoiceNation, or visit VoiceNation at www.voicenationstaging.info.
About VoiceNation:
VoiceNation, America’s leader in virtual PBX and voicemail was founded in 2002 by President Jay Reeder and opened their Next Generation call centers in 2009. The company has grown to serve more than 40,000 customers including FEMA, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Dell, AIG and the U.S. Coast Guard. They leverage the very latest in proprietary technology solutions in order to deliver quality call answering services at the lowest cost to their customers. To learn more about VoiceNation and their services, please visit http://www.voicenationstaging.info/.
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