Care2Call Outreach Program A “Home-Run” with Charities

Peyton Duplechien • 16 May 2019 • 2 min read

VoiceNation, a full service voice communication solution provider and preferred call center partner for thousands of businesses nationwide, has officially announced their unique Care2Call voice communication solution for non-profit, tax-exempt charities.

VoiceNation’s Care2Call provides free access to voice communications infrastructure that charities need to thrive and make a difference in the lives of others. Charitable organizations with 501(c)3 status may now utilize VoiceNation’s Virtual Voicemail and faxmail free of charge, as well as other specialized communication services at reduced cost (for qualified recipients).

Keeping Charities Connected to Key Sources

Communication is vital when it comes to a charity’s ability to function and grow. From fundraising and media campaigns to networking with federal and state agencies, charities depend on reliable, consistent and high-quality communications daily.

“Charities operate on limited resources. Our Care2Call program gives charities the essential phone infrastructure they need to run as efficiently and effectively as possible. With voicemail and a virtual receptionist, charities no longer have to rely on volunteers or worry about having a full-time staff member available in order to answer important calls,” explained Jay Reeder, the company’s president.

Coverage in an Emergency

Care2Call also ensures that charities will be able to communicate during an emergency or natural disaster as VoiceNation’s system is housed at a secure, offsite location. Communications will not be disrupted if weather or other calamity shuts down normal phone service.

“VoiceNation has been the voice of the nation for my charity The Book Bank Foundation, as well as countless other non profit organizations. It’s critical to share, build and extend opportunities to other hardworking and honorable individuals, groups and organizations,” said Glenn Toby, Chairman & Founder The Book Bank Foundation.

He continued, “I can personally say I have been an eyewitness to the goodwill and care that VoiceNation has given to countless organizations that are philanthropies. Cause marketing and consumer advertising campaigns, but this gift is from the heart and not the pocket.”

About VoiceNation

VoiceNation is America’s telecommunications leader in virtual PBX, voicemail, and innovative live answering solutions. Named “Top Provider in Industry” by PC World, VoiceNation provides live answering services and call center solutions utilizing the latest in proprietary technology to deliver high quality call answering services at the lowest cost to their customers. In this way, VoiceNation enables businesses of all sizes to compete in the marketplace with 24-hour availability that adapts to any situation.

Founded in 2002, VoiceNation is a privately-held company that serves more than 40,000 customers including FEMA, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Dell, AIG and the U.S. Coast Guard. The company also provides qualified non-profit, tax-exempt charities with access to voicemail, faxmail and other specialized communication services at reduced cost through their Care2Call outreach program.

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