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December 23, 2019

How to manage a small law firm

It’s one thing to carry out your personal duties as an attorney. Filing paperwork, consult and client meetings, legal intake, attending court. But to be the head of a small firm with a few other attorneys or paralegals takes more legwork to be successful. You want your firm to come across as strong, organized and… Continue reading How to manage a small law firm

November 11, 2019

7 apps lawyers need to be using

What are the 7 best apps for lawyers?   Ask anyone working as an attorney and they’ll no doubt tell you just how hectic their work can be. And if you’re a lawyer yourself, then you definitely know that mismanaged workloads can quickly get on top of you. Fortunately, the advent of modern technology means… Continue reading 7 apps lawyers need to be using

October 28, 2019

How to market your law firm

If you’re wanting to acquire more clients to grow your law firm, there are several great and inexpensive ways to do so. While there are many marketing firms you could hire, it’s an expensive solution. Try these tips and tricks first! Go for high ratings Avvo.com is a great source for clients looking for an attorney.… Continue reading How to market your law firm