How to market your law firm

Peyton Duplechien • 28 Oct 2019 • 4 min read

If you’re wanting to acquire more clients to grow your law firm, there are several great and inexpensive ways to do so. While there are many marketing firms you could hire, it’s an expensive solution. Try these tips and tricks first!

Go for high ratings is a great source for clients looking for an attorney. Get set up with an attorney profile and then you’ll be ranked by your clients. Ask your existing clients to give you a written review and also to rank you (1-5 stars). This could be a great lead funnel for your law firm. Consumers are trusting online reviews and rankings more and more. You can even request a badge to post on your own website and make it clickable for your Avvo profile.

Start writing

One great way to drive traffic to your website it to be a “thought leader.” You’re already an expert in your field – be in real estate law, estate planning, family law, personal injury. Pick a topic to write about in your field and post it as a blog on your website. Make sure to research key words and sprinkle them throughout the blog so that it ranks higher in SEO –  meaning when people search online using the specific keyword, your blog article will appear higher in the search engine results. Make sure you also post a link to the blog on social media, whether it’s Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

Clean up your website

If you’re are focusing your marketing toward digitally, you want to make sure your website looks great. After all, isn’t the point of writing blogs, having a profile on Avvo and maintaining your social media accounts to drive leads to your website? And what will those leads think once they get to your website? You need to have information about who you are, what your law firm does, your success rate and more. If you can include testimonials (whether text or video) from previous clients, that’s even better. Your website is there to sell you and your law firm, so make sure it does exactly that.

Offer excellent service for your clients

Customer experience is a key now. It’s not enough to be a great attorney, but you also have to treat your clients with attention and respect. This will create great organic marketing through referrals. Imagine not having to market yourself other than just doing your job well! But you’re also busy. You’re focusing your efforts on growing your firm, handling cases, scheduling consults, filing paperwork, attending court hearings. Are you able to take every call? It could be a prospective lead that you just lost by not answering. Or it could be an existing client calling with questions and is irritated you haven’t answered your phone or called back.

Consider a legal answering service to help you out

In the increasing digital world, consumers are less likely to leave a voicemail and wait for a call back. In fact, a prospective client is more likely to hang up and dial the next attorney on their list. Don’t lose money to your competitors because you can’t answer every phone call. By having every call answered, you’ll be capturing every single lead. And you’ll be available and attentive to your existing clients. By hiring an answering service, you can continue to focus on growing and running your firm, while knowing all your calls are being answered.

Benefits of having a legal answering service

The biggest benefit of having an answering service – and something that all answering services provide – is having your phone lines handled by a third party. That means you can capture every lead and provide great customer service to your clients by always being available. The way it works is you forward your existing phone line to your answering service when you can’t answer. Whether that’s after hours, or when you’re in court or a consult or bogged down with paperwork. Operators will answer your calls, take a message and send the message directly to you. You’ll be able to prioritize returning your calls based on the messages you get.

VoiceNation is the most comprehensive legal answering service

VoiceNation goes beyond simply answering calls and taking messages. Our friendly, U.S.-based operators answer your calls using a custom script. That means we greet your callers using the words you provide and ask questions to get the right information you want. But there’s more, at VoiceNation we also:
Never close. We’re a 24/7 answering service, that includes weekends and holidays. We’re always open, so your legal firm is, too. When someone needs a lawyer right away, it doesn’t matter what time of day or night it is. Always be available with VoiceNation.
Conduct legal intake. That’s right! We can take that off your plate. Our highly trained operators will turn your leads into a client right on the spot.
Schedule appointments. Don’t worry about this administrative task. Simply link your calendar with us and we’ll start booking your meetings for you!
Provide bilingual operators. Expand your customer base to non-English speaking clients when you use our bilingual operators, at no additional cost to you!
Send messages instantly in many ways. You’ll get your messages through text, email and on our free mobile app and online dashboard.

Give our legal answering service a try!

With VoiceNation, you’ll be getting a service that does the same duties as an in-house receptionist for a fraction of the cost. Give us a try for free with our seven-day trial. Have more questions? Give us a call! 877.679.3777.