Be the Personal Touch Against Mortgage Lending Competitors

Peyton Duplechien • 31 Mar 2022 • 3 min read

Since 2020, the business world has seen seismic effects on every industry. 
Specifically, the mortgage industry has seen a lot of activity, from a surge in applications to record-low mortgage rates. Regardless, the most notable changes are interactions between mortgage lenders and their customers. Regular communication ensures that missed communication doesn’t result in missed leads. 
As the hunt for loans has increased, the potential leads have as well. Now the focus has shifted to identifying and maximizing all channels of communication. A loan isn’t your typical sale – it’s an investment. Establishing personal relations with your clients is imperative. You need to create a connection and provide regular updates. 
That connection is the difference between you and your competitor. And that ability to serve your potential customer is what defines business success.
Anyone working in lending knows how important it is to cultivate strong relationships. Your customers need full attention and prompt answers to their queries. Obtaining a mortgage is a huge life investment. Not answering the phone could lead to them seeking out competitors.  
As the mortgage industry has grown, customer calls have become a pillar of communication. To drive these interactions, client calls need to satisfy a few contingencies of their own. 

Be Professional as a Lender

There is an established etiquette of lenders. But apart from sounding professional, you need to know all the concepts and jargon to provide accurate answers to your clients. They’re coming to you for answers, as their mortgage broker, do you have them? In addition to having answers and profound knowledge, act as a representative and liaison to the mortgage world for them. If you don’t know an answer, tell them you’ll get one and follow through. 

Share the Excitement of Buying a New Home

Obtaining a mortgage shouldn’t be taken lightly. but the undeniable truth is that – particularly with homebuying – they are fun too! Being a responsible yet approachable guide on this exciting journey is key. A great way you can employ this tool is by creating a custom experience. Try to remember your clients’ names. Plus, raising your energy on the phone is a great way to counteract this as well. 

Show availability as a Mortgage Loan Officer

When a client shows interest in a property, they usually want to act fast. If they can’t reach you on the phone, chances are that they will turn to your competitor – who is there when they need them. By answering calls both after hours and at peak times too, you don’t have to worry about missing a lead ever again.

The Mortgage Broker That Provides Accurate Information 

Calls need to be particularly effective. Callers are reaching out with specific questions, and not being able to answer or redirect them could risk an origination opportunity. 

Mortgage Answering Service – Is It Worth It?

If you’re starting to think about how live-answering can serve your potential leads, you’d be on the right track. 
At VoiceNation, we prioritize every business – working as if we were sitting directly in your office. Our highly trained, 100% US-based receptionists answer as your business. We create customized scripts at onboarding that allow them to answer with your greeting, answer predetermined questions, and a multitude of other features. Bottom line – you never miss a call, meaning you never miss a lead. That’s more money in your pocket. 
Interested? Try us for free for 7 days with our free trial. We’re confident you’ll see how we go beyond the call.
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