Retailers Using Innovative Virtual Telephony Solutions to Battle a Sagging Economy

Peyton Duplechien • 16 May 2019 • 3 min read

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) April 23, 2009 — VoiceNation today announced the release of a new hosted telephone solution, this time providing a Store Locator service. The application was developed due to multiple inquiries VoiceNation received from several national retailers, such as Plato’s Closet and American Bodyworks, in their efforts to find ways to provide an enhanced Customer Experience, while reducing costs. The service lets companies use a single toll free or local phone number to unite all of their stores, reduce complexities and pool resources. It also ensures that callers are sent to the store that is best equipped to assist, providing a new approach to customer convenience and care.
Today’s successful retailers continue to thrive in the current down economy by being innovative and meeting the needs of their markets. The VoiceNation ‘Store Locater’ helps any retailer who has more than one store, in a unique and highly affordable way no matter how large or small their business. Previously, a service like this was too expensive for all but the very largest of retailers.
“This type of solution traditionally requires telephone lines, expensive hardware, and days of programming” says Jay Reeder, CEO at VoiceNation. Reeder added, “What we have done is turned it into an affordable and user friendly solution suitable for any small business.”
Plato’s Closet has over 240 franchised stores nationwide that pay cash on-the-spot for gently used teen and young adult brand name clothing & accessories. Plato’s Closet has nine Metro Atlanta locations that were looking for a solution to unite all of their locations under one phone number. They jumped at the chance to take advantage of this VoiceNation solution, which lets any business with multiple locations or franchises utilize a Virtual PBX service to transfer callers to store locations based on the customer’s zip code.
Callers are instructed to enter their zip code using the telephone keypad. The ‘Store Locator’ application will find the store or service center that is the closest to the caller. Once the location is found, the system can automatically transfer the call to that store or go to voicemail and play recorded information for that location which may include: the store address, location, driving instructions, store hours, etc. This application can also be a very low cost alternative to the more traditional, and sometimes considerably more expensive, Live Answering solutions.
Mark Harrison, a marketing consultant for the Atlanta Plato’s Closet group, says “This service will help our stores in three ways, 1) It will shorten our initial message time that callers hear, 2) It will make sure that callers are conveniently connected to the store nearest them, and 3) It will help our store owners sort through all the calls and not have to waste time transferring to other locations.” He continues by saying, “VoiceNation has provided us with excellent service over the years and we are very grateful to them for the opportunity to use this new service for the benefit of our company.”
The Store Locator application is available to new and existing VoiceNation customers starting at $14.95 per month.
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