Small Business or Fortune 500?

Peyton Duplechien • 16 May 2019 • 3 min read

VoiceNation clients take advantage of virtual voice technology that provides the same phone system and converged communications capabilities previously enjoyed only by large-scale, multi-office organizations.
VoiceNation, the premier provider of voice telephony and disaster recovery solutions, raises an important question in the minds of small business owners nationwide. When a prospect or customer calls you, what is their first impression? Small fry or Fortune 500?
These days, with the right technology, callers can’t tell.
“When you’re talking about a traditional multi-extension PBX network with voicemail, auto attendant, and fax, you can easily run up to $25,000-$30,000 in infrastructure costs,” observes Joe Schiavone, Vice President of Sales for VoiceNation. “Yet those are the features small companies need to compete. The poor voice quality and spotty service of cell phones will not cut it as the primary customer-facing communications channel in today’s business world.”
Says Joel Holland of, “A toll-free number is no longer an expensive luxury for large businesses–it’s now an inexpensive necessity for small businesses. For less than $5 a month, you can set up an 800, 866, 877 or 888 number, complete with call forwarding, voice mail, extensions and more. This type of service can be a great boost to a small business’s image, and can help you generate sales due to an increase in trust from potential customers.”
Virtual Voice Services:
VoiceNation offers custom voice solutions through their “Virtual PBX” technology. This technology is scalable to any size organization, and enables companies with 1-5 employees to access the same feature-rich professional phone system that companies with 2,000 employees currently enjoy–at a fraction of the cost. The VoiceNation Virtual PBX offers customers an auto attendant with multiple mailboxes, custom greetings, music-on-hold, live call forwarding and the ability to give callers the impression of a single office, even if employees and partners are scattered across the country.
Don Kinney, Vice President of the Catalyst Search Group, says, “Being a small business dealing with very large clients, our Virtual PBX service with VoiceNation enables us to interact efficiently with our clients at the same level. We have received positive feedback on numerous occasions from our clientele on not only the ease of use from the caller’s side, but also the accessibility feature to ALWAYS find us wherever we are.”
That’s because, “we’re a wide open pipe,” declares Joe. “We can tailor our approach to meet the specific needs of any size company. Other hosted solutions, such as traditional VoIP, may route an incoming call across half the country before it arrives at its destination. What that creates is a host of quality issues including loss of service, echoes and broken up conversations. With VoiceNation, callers dial one number and it goes to one place. From there, it can be routed to any employees’ phone or voice mailbox with the quality that you would expect from a large-scale PBX.”
Always Available:
The Business Continuity Bonus
With avian flu, hurricane season, summer storms, and other potential business interruptions so much in the news, another strong advantage of virtualized voice services is that small businesses can still send and receive messages even when service interruptions threaten traditional telephone systems.
“During Hurricane Katrina,” Joe points out, “large companies with legacy PBXs were put out of commission. But a small company could have hosted their phone service with VoiceNation and still have had a fully functioning system. Customers could have called into the same number as always and been routed to voicemail. We could have then transferred those messages to the right employees through cell phones, email, or any other way that the employee could be reached. With our outsourced approach, we can even provide a live answering service to our customers. Our phone personnel are trained in advance as to what procedures to follow in the event one of our client businesses is temporarily incapacitated.”
As the approach taken by VoiceNation gains traction, more and more small companies are starting to take on a big company persona. Customers calling into a business receive the professional service they demand, without ever knowing the size of the company on the other end of the line. “VoiceNation’s proprietary technology is redefining how business is perceived. The big winners are small business, but even larger companies are finding substantial cost savings and clear advantages in virtualized voice services,” says Jay Reeder, CEO, VoiceNation.
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