VoiceNation, LLC Provides Telephony Back-up During Hurricane

Peyton Duplechien • 16 May 2019 • < 1 min read

Local Company Takes Disaster Relief Calls
As reported by the Gwinnett Daily Post, VoiceNation, LLC again proves why they are the Nation’s premier provider of voice telephony and disaster recovery solutions by providing these services to companies affected by Hurricane Isabel. While the hurricane unleashed its wrath on the North Carolina Coast, the phones were ringing off the hook in Buford, GA at the VoiceNation offices.
VoiceNation was contracted by Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina to host its phone lines in the event that communications come to a screeching halt due to the hurricane. VoiceNation was contacted by the company last week and has prepared five toll free phone numbers for the health care provider. Blue Cross’ more than 3,000 employees will dial in to Buford via the disaster recovery lines to keep apprised of information and instructions. The company’s executives will connect with the Buford company by dialing in and logging in a special code to record and update messages.
“In case they lose communications because of the hurricane, their employees have already been instructed that these numbers are the disaster recovery lines to call,” said Jay Reeder, president of VoiceNation, LLC. “During the last hurricane, communication was lost and they (Blue Cross) decided this time to outsource.”
On Thursday, employees at Voiceplus were monitoring the latest weather reports to prepare for the influx of calls. “We’ve got the Weather Channel on every TV in here,” said Reeder.
Hurricane Isabel is expected to affect the North Carolina area for the next several days.
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