Anagram Generators

Peyton Duplechien • 07 Sep 2007 • 2 min read

An anagram is a very interesting thing and it can be very fun as well. It is a special type of wordplay that requires a lot of cunning to figure out. You have to really use your brain to come up with good anagrams and it takes a quick mind to be able to “decode” them as well. When people create an anagram, they take all of the letters in a word or sentence and rearrange them so that they say something else, real or fake. For instance, the word orchestra becomes

a decimal point

can become

I’m a dot in place.

Other examples include clever anagrams like

George Bush


he bugs Gore. William Shakespeare

can be made to say

I am a weakish speller.

The following anagram generators can help you come up with some really interesting and new anagrams.

    • Arrak Anagrams: An effective anagram generator offering anagrams in nine languages. Other than English, it also makes anagrams in Dutch, French, German, Latin, and more.
    • Anagram Genius: An effective anagram generator with options to go satirical or flattering. Users can also customize the anagrams according to gender and other options.
    • Alex Healy’s Anagram Finder: This is a unique anagram generator. It offers “subset anagrams” categorized by Elements, Countries, United States, and Composers. For instance, “Dubnium + Iridium = Indium + Rubidium.”
    • WordSmith: Possibly the best online anagrams available, it also provides information about anagrams. There is an Anagram Hall of Fame as well.
    • German Simple Generator: Simple generator that allows you to choose categories of anagrams. There’s also a section for German.
    • Anagram-Generator in Deutscher Sprache: A free online anagram generator for German language users.
    • Andy’s Anagram Solver: Simple anagram generator that has options for French and Dutch as well.

Anagrams can be made with single words or long phrases, but it’s always fun to try and figure out if you can make new words out of existing letters.