Essential or Personalized: Which answering plan is right for you?

Dan Marshall • 7 days ago • 3 min read

When looking into an answering service, it can be difficult to know where to start. You’re often faced with endless options that cause more confusion and just leave you feeling overwhelmed. This is exactly why we do things differently, here at VoiceNation.

We believe call answering should work for everyone, so we offer our support in the form of two plans: Essential and Personalized. From simple message taking and call transfer to more tailored solutions including appointment scheduling and order processing, we’ve got something to suit every business requirement. Here’s a closer look:


Our Essential answering service plans are ideal for businesses who are just getting started with outsourcing their calls and are in the early stages of knowing exactly what kind of support they need. This plan delivers the same great service VoiceNation is known for, just in a more streamlined package. It also comes with 15 amazing features at no extra cost, including:

Warm call transfer – On every call, we announce the caller and describe their inquiry before transferring the call to you. This ensures you have every detail before you decide whether or not you want to take the call.

Bilingual answering – Our English and Spanish-speaking receptionists mean that no matter what language your customers speak, they will receive exceptional service knowing they are being understood and supported.

Customized responses – We want you to consider us an extra member of your team, and trust we will handle calls just like you and your team do. By providing us with scripted responses, we can truly reflect your business’ tone of voice. 

Unlimited caller information – That’s right, there is no limit to the amount of information we can take from your callers. Just give us a list of everything you need to know to make your job easier and we’ll do the rest.

Online dashboard – You’ll have access to your own online dashboard that allows you to manage every aspect of your service. From editing scripts and viewing call logs to analyzing call data and reading messages, it has everything you need to maximize our support. 

Lead qualification – We shorten your conversion window by qualifying every lead for your team to close with confidence. Armed with as much information as you require from us on the call, your team can chat with a prospect confidently, having had important information sent by us prior to your call. 

Read more about the many features included in our Essentials plan, like 24/7 answering, caller recognition and mobile app.


Our Personalized answering service plans are for businesses looking for the ultimate support. This plan gives you everything you need to enjoy the benefits of VoiceNation on another level, with everything Essential answering has to offer, plus even more amazing features, including:

CRM integration – By dropping leads straight into your CRM, we can save you from double keying information, and ensure a smoother process for your team by having all the information in one place.

Appointment scheduling – We schedule appointments directly into your calendar on your behalf, giving your customer a more seamless experience and the impression they are actually speaking with someone in your office.

Order processing – We process your orders and take payments from customers, truly acting as part of your team and supporting employees’ workloads by taking away administrative tasks that aren’t worth their valuable time. 

Custom form processing – Provide us with a link to an existing form and we’ll complete it when instructed. Simple, but a huge time-saver for you and your team. 

Call dispatching – Typically used in urgent or emergency scenarios, we take the necessary information and call you at set intervals until successful, giving you peace of mind you’re there for customers in every eventuality.

On-call management – We set up a daily or weekly rota, based on which of your team members is on-call that day, to define where calls are directed – especially useful if you’re managing multiple employees across different shifts.

Both our Essential and Personalized plans are fantastic options for all kinds of businesses, and they both have one very important thing in common: America’s best receptionists. All experienced, fully-trained, warm and friendly, they act as a completely seamless extension of your team, either answering all calls or simply the ones you and your team can’t get to – you choose. They’re the best people for the job when it comes to your customer service and will allow you to put your focus on the important things, while they take care of the rest.

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At this point you should have a good idea about whether you’re more suited to an Essential or Personalized answering service plan. But if you’d like to know more about what they offer and how pricing works, you can give our helpful team a call on 866-766-5050 today.