Science and Astronomy Learning Games for Daycares

Peyton Duplechien • 07 Sep 2013 • 2 min read

Science and Astronomy Learning Games for Daycares

We love our clients! And some of those may be schools or daycares, we’re so grateful to you for taking care of our future. Here are some tips and tricks to use in your classrooms:
Learning about planets and space can be a difficult concept for children to grasp. Whether students are studying planets, stars, or even just famous astronauts, it takes a lot of effort to understand all the terms and concepts. Sometimes, parents can benefit by thinking out of the box. Getting the kids to play games that help them learn about science and astronomy can be much more effective than throwing them some books on the subjects. Here are some good games for kids to learn about science and astronomy.

  • NOAA Games: Site with games that relate to the Earth.
  • Going to Mars: A game that allows kids to go on a journey to the planet Mars.

Space, Space Trivia

Star Puzzles, Trivia

  • Neutron Star: Trivia about neutron stars.
  • Pole Star: Trivia about the Pole Star.
  • Stars & Satellites: Has trivia about stars and satellites like asteroids.
  • Star Page: Lots of information and links to places with star trivia.
  • Quia Games: Links to online games that involve stars as well as planets.

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Crossword Puzzles