Happy First Day of Spring!

Peyton Duplechien • 19 Mar 2020 • 3 min read

It’s the first day of spring! While winter weather may still be lingering, you can at least look forward to the fact that spring is officially here and hopefully the weather will catch on soon! No more dark, grey skies and lifeless trees. Look forward to green grass, blossoming flowers, new life! And hopefully not terrible allergies.

Why do we love spring so much?

There are many reasons spring is an adored season. Here are just a few:

  • Sunshine!
  • Awesome temperatures!
  • More daylight hours!
  • Spending time outdoors!
  • Fresh breezes!
  • Bright colors!
  • Spring cleaning!

Wait, what? Spring cleaning?

Okay, so maybe this isn’t the most favorite part of spring, but it’s important and it’s a great time to do it. Spring carries a great kind of energy and promise with it. The improved temperatures are energizing, seeing grass, trees and flowers bloom into life brings a sort of renewal that makes us want to tidy up and de-clutter our homes.

What to spring clean in your home

Spring cleaning is a time to tackle the more overlooked items or areas in your home. Here are a few things to turn your focus to while spring cleaning:
Windows and blinds. Dust and scrub to make those babies shine! It’ll help with your AC  unit once you kick it on, too, to not have a bunch of dust circulating through your house.
Garbage disposal. Got a smell that just won’t quit? Run thin slices of lemon rind and then rinse with cool water.
Microwave. Get rid of tough stains and smells by microwaving a bowl of water with a slice citrus fruit of your choice. Wait for the water to boil to get your microwave steamy. Wait 15 minutes then wipe down.
Your fridge. Take out all removable drawers and shelves to wash in warm soapy water. Your gleaming fridge will thank you!
The junk drawer. Sort through all the items and toss what’s not needed. Then categorize and organize into separate smaller bins and drawers.

Don’t forget about your office!

This is pretty simple. Just organize your files, documents and paperwork. Wipe down your desk, organize cords, finally wash out that coffee cup you haven’t used in months. Then you’re done! Did you know that a clean desk actually increases productivity? And guess what else does? Live answering!

What is live answering?

Live answering is a team of operators – or virtual receptionists – who answer your business calls for you when you can’t. Do you have busy times of the days where you simply can’t answer your phone? Or you don’t want to answer your phone after hours? Live answering is your solution!

How live answering works

When you sign up with VoiceNation’s live answering service, your account is activated instantly. That means our operators start picking up right away. They’ll take your messages and send them to you immediately through our mobile app, online dashboard, email and text. Simply choose when you want us to answer your calls, then relax! We’ve got you covered!

The best live answering features

We go beyond messages taking with all our great features. We can forward calls, set appointments, set on-call scheduling and process orders. Our plans are all-inclusive and some of the lowest prices in the industry! Want to learn more? Give us a call! 877.679.3777.