The 25 Jobs That Are Most Commonly Outsourced in the United States

Peyton Duplechien • 28 Oct 2021 • 5 min read

The job market has been crazy as of late. Competition to bring in the best of the best is real and has been creating strain on employers to provide and win over the best talent that they can. 
When you’re starting a new business, creating a foothold for your business’s success is your top priority. If you’re having trouble hiring right away, think about outsourcing. In fact, you’re not doing a disservice by hiring out to another individual or company to give your business what it needs to thrive. Research shows, “36% of workers in the US are part of the “gig economy.” In fact, when it comes to the business side of the arrangement, a study conducted by a small business service Clutch states that, “data shows that more than one-third of small businesses (37%) currently outsource a business process, and more than half (52%) plan to outsource.”
Outsourcing is a regular part of doing business for most entrepreneurs and large corporations. Continue reading to learn more about the top 25 jobs that are most commonly outsourced by businesses.


When it comes to hiring, sometimes you need professional guidance or even just a helping hand! Taking the sorting and sifting through the applicants and finding the one that works best for you is time-consuming. And hiring a recruiting agency can save you hours of your precious time. 

Receptionists & Phone Answering Companies 

Hiring an in-house, full-time receptionist can be a pricey endeavor. It’s more than just the hourly rate, it’s management, training, insurance, social security…and the costs go on and on. Instead, you can outsource to a virtual receptionist service, like Voicenation, that has a customized scripting process and 100% US-based live agents to represent your business. Your virtual receptionist can handle everything from message taking, call transfers, order processing, and more. 

Information Technology 

IT is a specialized industry with knowledge requirements that can go beyond the fold. Protect your equipment, files, and software by bringing in an expert to get you wired and set up properly. 

Content Creation 

You’ve got this incredible business idea, developed a killer business plan, and devised how you’re going to serve your customers. Yet, where’s your collateral? Or your social media? Or well, any of your marketing material? Starting with a Content Creator can help fill these gaps and round out your business plan. 


Crunching numbers definitely isn’t the most glamorous part of running a business, yet, it’s a non-negotiable one. Keep your bookkeeping and accounting in order, and your business complaint by contracting out a CPA or accounting firm you trust. They also might be able to help with your payroll too.  


You’ve got the dream and the design, but maybe not the mass production tools to get it out to all of your eager customers! Find a company or local shop that you can outsource your production to. 

Data Entry 

Just like it sounds, data entry can be tedious yet very important. Save yourself time by finding a company you can trust to do your data entry with efficiency.

Graphic Design

Any business is lucky to find a good designer on your side. Using a freelancer or company with a solid portfolio can help you find someone who can execute your vision for your business just the way you want. 

Human Resources 

Did you know you don’t have to do human resources in-house? You can use an outside company to help you set up reliable, compliant policies, hiring, and even payroll opportunities. 


Have a tangible product? Or need headshots for you and your employees? You can hire a photographer for a day to take care of those, no need to have someone on staff. Sometimes they can even style shoots with hair and makeup using their own outsourced connections! 

Security Guards 

Do you have a physical location or events that require security? Free up both your and your staff’s time by finding a reliable company to protect and secure your business. 

Web Design & Programming

Just like a good graphic designer, you want a solid web designer or programmer. These valuable people will help showcase your business on the internet through design and functionality. You want your customers to have the best possible user experience. 

Social Media Management 

Let’s say you have the content, do you have time to post and share it on every platform? Do you know what platform is best for your business? Or what times? Working with a social media manager can help navigate these questions and establish a plan that works best for your industry. 

Event Management

Events can be stressful. From planning to execution, there are a lot of moving parts. Hiring an expert who makes event planning their full-time gig can make your events go much smoother. You’ll have more free time to enjoy the event and less time wasted on figuring out the planning process. 

Legal Services 

Having a lawyer on staff can get pricey, quick! Instead, contract out with a legal team you use as you need them. There are tons of teams available for different subsets of business law. This keeps costs lower but quality high when it comes to legal needs.

Healthcare Services 

Thinking about a company wellness program? Think about outsourcing your healthcare services. Or even need to stay HIPAA compliant? These could look like yoga instructors for the office, a health insurance company you partner with, or a team that builds a wellness program for your team. Or, it could even mean looking at phone answering companies that stay HIPAA compliant for your patients and organization, like VoiceNation. 

Research and Development 

When you decide to pursue research, either to share results or decide on a new pursuit for your business, you want to make sure it’s done right. Find a full-time facility that can help streamline your needs and focuses. 

App Building

Almost every business has an app. Does yours? Hire the right app builder for your business, or even determine if you need one! Apps require regular support but can be awesome assets for current and future customers. 

Project Management

Project management? Is that really necessary? Yes, yes it is! When a business starts to really pick up, the different parts that make a business whole need to work in sync. They rely on one another to keep progress moving forward. Having someone to manage these projects together helps keep the business running smoothly. 

Business Tools & Software 

Apps, software, and gadgets, oh my! There are a variety of business tools out there that could be the right fit for your business. Think Microsoft, GSuit, Grammarly, Trello, JIRA, and more! 

Booking Appointments 

Setting appointments is a necessary but taxing part of your day. It involves you pulling out your calendar, taking down information, all while trying to run your company. Hiring a live phone answering service like VoiceNation can help. VoiceNation’s live agents can answer phone calls and live chats as your business and set appointments with ease. 

Cleaning Services 

Your office is your team’s home, and you want to keep it hospitable and welcoming for them. Hiring a service to keep it looking and feeling its best is a good way to keep your employees comfortable and happy. 


The internet is like the wild wild west. There are all types of people around every corner, some with not-so-great intentions. Protecting your business from fraud, ransomware, and other cyber attacks is critical. Hire a cybersecurity company to help make sure your company has its defenses up.

Office Space 

Looking to go into the remote or hybrid environment? Consider a coworking space. You can rent temporary offices, enjoy socializing with others, and even receive your mail there. Or you can hire a virtual receptionists team to act as an office for you!

Team Building & Enrichment 

As mentioned, your team is the lifeblood of your business. We believe that here at VoiceNation too. Hiring a company or team to help maintain morale and excitement for your workplace can really make a difference. 

Making the Choice to Outsource

No matter what you decide to keep in-house and what you decide to delegate out, do your research and find what’s the right fit for you and your business. Tons of companies do the same thing. 
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