50 things to do with old mobile phone

Peyton Duplechien • 04 Jan 2022 • 4 min read

We get it – well-loved possessions are hard to let go of, particularly when it comes to objects packed with plenty of good memories and nostalgia. Old phones (like classic 90s and 00s Nokias!) are no exception to this, especially when we’ve gotten used to their unique quirks and features. 

Unfortunately, even if we think the newer models on offer are worse than our current handset, eventually, we all have to move on to fresh tech at some point. After all, holding onto an outdated phone can mean missed calls, bad connection, and lack of access to smartphone apps and features that you need to use to connect with others.

Upgrading is inevitable, but it might leave you wondering what to do with old mobile phones and telephone handsets. However, if this is the case, don’t worry! We’ve created the perfect list of what to do with an old telephone handset and moble so you can give it the send-off it deserves:

50 things to do with old phones

Ready to give up your old mobile? Good, be sure to try out any and all of the suggestions that catch your eye below.

  1. Open up a game of Snake and see if you can beat your high score on this OG app.
  2. Spice up your Instagram profile with a tech-filled Throwback Thursday.
  3. Add your old phone to your collection of quirky photo booth props.
  4. Let your kids take this special historic artefact to their class for show and tell.
  5. Buff up your disaster prep kit- you never know when you’ll need a grenade handy.
  6. Try your hand at rewiring, and make yourself a brand-new gadget to play with.
  7. Take a cute new photo for your Myspace profile – that’s still a thing, right? 
  8. Get it appraised! A well-loved antique could be worth a pretty penny.
  9. Sync up your tunes! A little “Hey Ya!” anyone?
  10.  Use it as a brick — after all, there’s no sturdier material on the market!
  11.  Punch in *67 to prank call your middle school crush! Their number is probably the same, right? Or try an app that does the same. 
  12.  Change your ringtone! Kick may be the greatest jam of the 21st century.
  13.  Share the juiciest gossip you’ve got with your BFF! Make sure to whisper so your annoying little sibling can’t listen in.
  14.  Match your outfit to your phone by throwing on some jelly bracelets or your favorite pair of highlighter yellow skinny jeans.
  15. Dance your heart out to Beyoncé’s “Crazy in Love.”
  16.  Take it on an underwater dive! Your phone will break the water sooner than the water breaks it.
  17.  Toss it in your backpack — paired with your favorite gel pens and a pack of gushers, you’ve got all you need for an awesome day in the 9th grade.
  18.  Take it to the flea market! You’ll surely make at least enough to cover parking.
  19.  Trade it with your cousin for their Nintendo DS and play a few rounds of Super Mario 64.
  20.  Recreate an iconic Keeping Up with the Kardashians moment and toss your phone dramatically off a balcony. Unlike Kris Jenner’s Sidekick, you know for sure your phone won’t take any damage.
  21.  Get another phone and learn how to juggle them for a fun party trick — just make sure you don’t drop one on your foot! You wouldn’t want to deal with a broken toe this early in the year.
  22.  Get two drumsticks and create your own sick beats!
  23.  Pop it in your mini purse, Paris Hilton style.
  24.  Text your squad and meet up at the Orange Julius in your local mall food court.
  25.  Bring back the chunky belt trend with a DIY Nokia belt buckle!
  26.  Lost at night? Use the glaring screen light to guide your way back home.
  27.  Search eBay for a few more relics to add to your collection — who knows, maybe you’ll get lucky and find some Beanie Babies for sale.
  28.  Create a base for your gingerbread house to ensure it’ll stay put for years to come.
  29.  Invest your time in a blurry photo gallery! Those fuzzy selfies are sure to bring in some enthusiastic abstract art lovers.
  30.  Keep it as a backup phone! You lost the charger 4 years ago, but you still have 3 bars of charge, so it should last you until at least 2035. 
  31.  Attach it to the end of your fishing line and head to the lake. It may sink straight to the bottom, but your glittery pink jelly case will draw in the best catches of the day.
  32.  Bust out your tree-climbing skills and get up high enough to find a signal  — 15 feet above ground should do it.
  33.  Show it off on TikTok! If anyone can bring old phones back in style, it’s Gen Z.
  34.  Fix a wobbly table by sticking your phone under the shortest leg.
  35.  Hop on the internet and… oh wait — you can’t! 
  36.  Head to the skate park and have your best friend record your sick flips.
  37.  Stick one in each shoe and add a solid foot to your height! Your friends will be amazed by the overnight growth spurt.
  38.  Throw your phone a retirement party. After decades of work, it deserves to go out with a major rager. 
  39.  Give your grandma a ring! Unlike everyone else, the landline number you have saved for her still works.
  40. Drop it off a building! It’ll be so satisfying to see the sidewalk crack when hit with such a heavy projectile.
  41.  Stump your kids! Can they guess what this dusty square used to be used for?
  42.  Blast “Since U Been Gone” by Kelly Clarkson and shed some tears over your first breakup.
  43.  Pass it along to your favorite furry friend! Bones may be gone in a few minutes, but this chew toy will keep them occupied for hours.
  44.  Save it for your best friend’s wedding day. She’ll still need something new, borrowed, and blue, but “something old” will be covered.
  45.  See how many levels of Bounce you can make it through.
  46.  Keep it in your bag as a self-defense device! One hit is all it will take to knock any attacker unconscious.
  47.  Store all your passwords in an unsent text for hacker-proof security.
  48.  Get your family and friends together for a game of White Elephant! Your phone will make the perfect gag gift.
  49.  Stuck in line at the DMV? Kill a few hours of time by playing a little Tetris.
  50.  Give it away! As much as you love your old Nokia, someone else is going to love it even more. Give the gift of connection to someone in need by donating your used phone to a good cause.

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