Get your HVAC business ready for summer

Peyton Duplechien • 15 May 2020 • 3 min read

Many people are looking toward ways of saving money when it comes to their HVAC units. There are many tips and tricks to save on energy costs by having a fine-tuned, well running system during peak times of year – winter and summer. A lot can be done to prepare an HVAC unit for summer, but many people will quickly become overwhelmed or frustrated and want to turn to a professional. Or those who haven’t been keen on maintenance will find when they flip that switch to “Cool” something goes wrong.  

No one wants to be unprepared for summer 

The time is now to prepare HVAC units for summer, between inspection, maintenance, replacement. No one wants to be caught in the dead heat of summer without a working air conditioning unit. This means that even before summer arrives, and when it does, you want to be prepared for a lot of service calls and requests for information from prospective customers. So what do you do? 

Make sure you’re stocked and staffed 

The last thing you want is to be unprepared to run your business. This means you need to have the necessary parts, equipment and staff. Take an inventory of what you have on site. Make sure your vendors are prepared for an increase in orders. Examine your records of service calls from the previous year, any complaints or kudos you got from customers. Are you in need of more staff for the influx of calls? Or needing to retrain so that your technicians can provide an excellent customer experience? You’re providing more than a service, after all. To grow your profits, you need a friendly, highly trained staff that leaves your customers impressed.  

Start advertising now 

You want to get your name out there, so that when people think of an HVAC company, your business’s name pops into mind. Take a look at your website. Is it outdated or uninformative? That’s where people will go first, even before they call your business. You want to come across as capable and professional, and your website is the perfect place to reflect that. After that, consider emailing existing customers with reminders about service and maintenance. Reach out to prospective customers through billboards, fliers or signs.  

Consider the cost of your calls 

You’re planning on a ton of service calls and leads. You’ve beefed up your technician staff. But what about hiring someone to answer your calls? While that may not have even crossed your mind, it’s vital that you’re able to answer every call that comes into your business, because each call could be potential revenue. It may be even costing you money by not answering your calls. After all, potential clients are less likely to leave a voicemail than they are to call the next business on your list. So if you want to make the most of your calls, you need essentially a full-time position to answer your calls.  

Live answering is the solution 

Instead of spending time searching for a full-time or seasonal employee and the cost of salary, an answering service is the better solution. At the most basic level, an answering service provides you with live operators to answer your calls and take your messages. This way, each caller is speaking to a real person instead of being sent to voicemail. When you get your messages, you can prioritize who to call back.  

VoiceNation’s live answering service 

At VoiceNation, we go beyond answering calls and taking messages. For instance, we know that leads are more likely to call the next business on their list, even if they speak to a live operator instead of being sent to voicemail. You can customize your account so that we either forward all leads to you or someone on your team who can answer immediately. Your messages are sent to you instantly, instead of at the end of the day, so you can call back as soon as possible. Don’t lose leads to your competitors! 

The live answering service for HVAC businesses 

VoiceNation is uniquely tailored for the service industry. We know that emergencies crop up that demand your attention immediately. We can dispatch you or your technicians in emergency situations, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays. Provide your customers with the peace of mind knowing that no matter when emergency strikes, you’re there for them. Our affordable pricing includes all of our amazing features, including bilingual operators and our free mobile app. Want to learn more? Call or give us a try for free! 877.679.3777.