Prepare your HVAC business for winter

Peyton Duplechien • 30 Sep 2019 • 2 min read

Temperatures are starting to drop, and people are going to begin switching from air conditioning to heating in their homes. Whoops – there’s a problem. When running the heat for the first time in months, your customers might be facing an array of issues that they want dealt with immediately! What does this mean for your HVAC business? Tons of service calls. Are you prepared?

The issues you may face during winter

When you’re trying to balance an influx of calls, you’re looking at two different categories, neither of which you want to miss out on.
Service calls. It’s crucial for you to carry out the functions of your business. You’ve probably already prepared your technicians for this extremely busy period of time. It’s not just the start of fall and winter, but the entire season. Overheating furnaces, pilot lights that go out, entire furnaces that need replacing. You want to provide your services in a timely fashion to keep your customers happy and doing business with you.
Leads. These are new customers calling for your help. Maybe they need immediate service, or maybe they are calling to learn more about your business before making a decision. Either way, you always want to be able to answer your phones.
So you’re managing a team of technicians and answering tons of calls. You’re also facing the issues of customers calling after hours or on the weekends. After all, heating issues crop up at all hours and days of the week. You’ve got a lot on your plate!

How live answering services can help

Choosing an answering service can make this busy season a breeze in many ways. What you get with an answering service is a team of dedicated operators to answer your phones, take messages and get them to you instantly. Additionally, operators can patch calls to you and your employees and schedule appointments.
Having operators answering your calls frees you up to focus on running your business. Operators are able to cut your call clutter by qualifying leads and sending messages for service requests straight to you. You can choose to forward your calls to your answering service when you’re busy, or you can forward all your calls at all time.

VoiceNation’s live answering is the best in the industry

Here at VoiceNation, we never close. We answer calls 24/7, weekends and holidays included. We’ll take your messages and send them straight to you through email, text, our online dashboard and our incredible mobile app. We can forward calls, set appointments and more. We even have bilingual operators – all of our amazing features are included in your plan. Our plan pricing is simple, transparent and the best value in the industry.