Why your construction company needs an answering service

Peyton Duplechien • 27 Jan 2020 • 3 min read

If you’re in the construction business, or a contractor, you know how crucial it is to take your calls. Vendors, clients, subcontractors – your phone is ringing off the hook constantly. But you’re also juggling running your business and your construction site. It isn’t always possible to answer every single call. That’s why you need an answering service.

What is an answering service?

An answering service is a team of live operators who answer your calls for you when you can’t. Operators will take messages and have them sent instantly to you. You choose when you want to forward your number to your answering service. Maybe it’s during your busiest time of day. Or maybe you get calls even after hours that you would like to have answered. Either way, choosing an answering service will help free you up and ensure you never miss a call.

More than just call answering

When looking for a live answering service, consider what exactly you need from an answering service and look at their features. Here are some features that might help you out:
24/7/365 call answering. If your phone is ringing off the hook day and night, even on the weekends and holidays, look for an answering service that is always open, so you are, too. Make sure that after hours and weekend and holiday call answering is included in the plan, because some answering services charge extra or do not provide 24/7/365 call answering.
Appointment scheduling. If many of your calls involve appointment setting, then an answering service can certainly help you out. Look for an answering service that can link your calendars and set your schedule for you.
Call forwarding. If you want more than just message taking, and need to take important calls right away, you can let answering service live operators know which calls are the most important and they’ll forward the call to you right away.
Smart technology. It’s important that you get your messages immediately. With an online dashboard and a mobile app, you’ll be able to do just that. Some answering services will send your messages to you in a bundle at the end of the day instead of as they come in. Also when looking at answering services, ask about their answer rate – that is how quickly they are able to answer calls.
Highly trained operators. You want to make sure the operators answering your calls are properly trained and are based in the U.S. A great answering service should have skilled, knowledgeable, professional and friendly operators who use your custom script to answer your calls your way.

The call answering service that does it all

At VoiceNation, we have the smartest technology that makes managing your account and getting your messages instantly, easy and on the go. We answer calls within 2-3 rings and we’ll never put your callers on long holds. We can set appointments, forward calls and we are open 24/7/365 – and it’s all included in your plan! We are in the business of helping your business grow. Never miss a call – or lead – again. Give us a try with our free, seven-day trial or call to learn more at 877.679.3777