Why It’s Time to Grow Your Accounting Team

Peyton Duplechien • 25 Feb 2022 • 3 min read

If you’re like many American adults, this tax season is the first time that you’ll be filing “as normal” since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. The 2020 filing season was an unusual one to say the least, not only for filers but for tax center workers who, amongst the closure of several centers during the 2019 filing season, found themselves managing a backlog of unprocessed returns and an influx of new returns that had to adhere to new pandemic protocols. This backlog has created significant delays in the filing and returns process, with nearly 24 million Americans still waiting for the IRS to process their 2020 tax returns. With so many unprocessed returns still waiting to be handled, whether or not we can expect significant delays on tax returns in 2022 remains to be seen.

Unfortunately, the backlog isn’t the only hurdle taxpayers are going to have to jump this season. If you accepted a Child Tax Credit or Economic Impact Payments in 2021, for instance, these payments will have to be tracked by the IRS. You could also qualify for additional credits from either of these relief programs in 2022, depending on a number of components that must also be factored in while your return is being processed. Phone lines are also a potential issue: “During fiscal 2021, the IRS received a record 282 million calls, but only 32 million of those calls were answered,” according to the Washington Post. As more filers find themselves stuck with pandemic relief questions this year, that statistic is bound to grow to an ever higher discrepancy.

Despite these clear obstacles to the 2022 filing season, it’s important not to let yourself get discouraged. Staying on top of your finances and getting the most out of your potential refund is huge, especially for small business owners. Start by growing your accounting team for the season. Consider hiring an accounting assistant to take on some of the heavy load this year. This assistance could come in the form of online help services like TurboTax or H&R Block, or it could mean enlisting the help of a local accountant or bookkeeper. If you already have an accounting team for your business, check in with them personally and find out where they could use the most support this season. By asking your team directly, you’ll be better able to pinpoint the trouble spots in your current approach to tax season. You’ll also show your accounting team that you have their backs during this stressful time of year. Creating a seasonal accounting plan in place and hiring a professional to help you carry it out will help you feel confident going into the new fiscal year. Plus, lightening the load means that you can focus less on tax requirements and more on growing your business.

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