Online Toll-Free Phone Directories

Peyton Duplechien • 07 Sep 2015 • 2 min read

Phone calls from people you don’t know can be very difficult to deal with. In some cases, it may just be a wrong number but many people have to deal with strangers constantly calling them with the intent of tormenting them and being malicious. Luckily, there are online services that allow you to do a reverse search on the number and get information about whoever is calling you! They will often tell you the name of the person’s cell phone carrier and, more importantly, their location so if someone is harassing you and you have an idea who it is, this information can confirm it. Many of these sites can even trace answering services.
As is common in the business world today, sites often offer the barest bit of information such as the name of the phone number’s cell phone carrier, the location of the carrier, and similar details. If you want access to more “advanced” search results, you will have to pay a price. Luckily, you can conduct a simple search on most of these sites without having to pay (unless you want the more detailed information) or even signing up for an account.

  • AT&T Directory

    : Here, you can find phone numbers, addresses, directions, and even maps using either keywords, names, or phone numbers (if you have the full number, i.e. area code, and other digits.)

  • Inter800

    : Very simple site. Allows you to enter either a company name or toll-free number in their search engine.

  • Custom Toll-Free

    : Allows you to enter a toll-free number so it can be reversed and the information is then displayed. Also has a list of recent reverse lookups for a large range of numbers.

  • White Pages

    : Very simple, the direct site that requires you to type the phone number in so it can search for any information about the carrier. It also allows reverse address searches and mobile carrier lookups.

If you have been haunted by a stranger who’s calling you incessantly, use one of these sites to trace the person. In some states, these offenders are punishable by law.