How to Be in Two Places at Once: Real Estate

Peyton Duplechien • 21 Apr 2022 • 2 min read

Have you ever wanted to be in two places at once? 
When it comes to being a small business owner, especially in realty, the urge to be everywhere is strong. You’re trying to show houses, market yourself, network, woo loan officers, promote your properties, and follow new leads. But you simply cannot be everywhere. Like standing one foot over each side of the state line, is there a way to game the system? 
VoiceNation has decades of experience ensuring our Real Estate live answering clients succeed in growing their business. We developed two sample call flows to educate our audience on how outsourced live answering can help your business beat your next quarter’s sales goals.In this first call flow, we’ll see how a VoiceNation Customer Service Representative would handle an opportunity you generated:

  • Buyer Call Flow 
    • Hello, thank you for calling Dockside Realty, how can I help you?
      • Hi, I’m looking to see one of your houses for sale. 
    • What property are you interested in?
      • 123 House Lane
    • Great, when are you looking to buy?
      • When we find the right one! 
    • Do you have a home to sell first?
      • Yes, we’re under contract contingent on us finding a new home. 
    • Sounds good, let me get some contact info and we can schedule a time to connect you to our realtor. 

Next, we have a very common call flow for our clients interested in purchasing homes. Check out how we capture all the info you’d need to follow up on this warm lead!

  • Seller Call Flow
    • Hi, thank you for calling Dockside Realty, how can I help you?
      • Hello, we’re looking to get some information on selling our home.  
    • Sure, why are you selling the property?
      • We’re looking to downsize. 
    • Is it currently occupied?
      • Yes, we’re living there. 
    • No problem, when are you looking to sell it?
      • As soon as possible! 
    • Sounds great, I’ll get you connected with the realtor. First, let me get your contact information.

Have you thought about how VoiceNation can help give your Real Estate business a kickstart this buying season? Get started today with your Free Trial!