5 reasons to hire a landscaping virtual receptionist

Peyton Duplechien • 15 May 2019 • 3 min read

It doesn’t matter what time of the year you’re working, anyone in the landscaping game knows just how hectic business can get – especially in spring and summer. From apartment and business complexes to private homes, the need for landscaping services is never-ending.

However, while you and your team are out there making the world a more beautiful place, chances are you might not have enough people in place to handle every customer phone call that comes in – which may mean you’re missing out on potential business opportunities.

Trying to juggle the phone while doing your actual work can be daunting, which is exactly why you might want to consider the assistance of a professional Live Answering Service for landscaping companies.

How a landscaping virtual receptionist can grow your business

Ready to see what a landscaping answering service can do for your business? We’ve listed out five key ways in which working with an external receptionist could benefit your business below:

1. No more missed calls

First and foremost, the main benefit a landscaping virtual receptionist can bring your business is the fact they have the capacity to pick up every call made to your business – which means you’ll be able to capture every potential customer that comes your way.

Needless to say, the more work you can pick up for your business, the more room you’ll have to expand and grow. And as an added bonus, having a team ready and willing to pick up the phone at a moment’s notice will go a long way to enhancing your business’ reputation.

2. More free time

Besides bringing in even more customers for your business, another key benefit of hiring an answering service for landscaping is the fact that you and your team will have more free time to dedicate to your core business functions.

If you’re currently handling all your own calls, you’re probably aware of just how much time you’re losing to constant interruptions. But by handing off this responsibility, you can be sure you’re doing work to the best of your abilities.

3. Additional support

Alongside taking on your call-handling needs, virtual receptionists for landscaping businesses can bring a whole host of other benefits to your company, such as appointment-taking and 24/7 support.

24/7 support, in particular, can be a huge boon to even small businesses, helping you to meet customer demands outside of your traditional work hours, which may be the only time they have to get in touch with you.

4. A professional service

If there’s one thing no business taking calls should be without, it’s a receptionist with a professional answering manner. Not only does it help your business stand out from the crowd, but it immediately instils a sense of trust in the customer that you know what you’re doing.

Think of a Virtual Receptionist as your initial point of contact for all customers, one that’s there to ensure their needs and expectations are met, and that they get directed towards the right person if necessary.

5. Reduced overheads

Last, but not least, hiring the assistance of a landscaping answering service is a great way to help your business save money. For one thing, you don’t have to worry about hiring additional staff, and neither do you need to consider paying for their work equipment.

Give your landscaping business a boost with VoiceNation

And there you have it; those are just some of the key benefits you can take advantage of when you hire the assistance of a virtual landscaping receptionist. And if they’ve caught your interest, then you should consider getting in touch with the VoiceNation team to see how we can help.

Here at VoiceNation, we provide businesses with a team of professional Virtual Receptionists to handle all their call requirements. Take your time seeing what services we have to offer, and don’t forget to ask about our pricing packages.

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