VoiceNation is celebrating National Landline Telephone Day

Peyton Duplechien • 09 Mar 2020 • 3 min read

Get ready to celebrate National Landline Telephone Day on March 10. While we’ve moved away from landlines in favor of cell phones, smart phones, VoIP, even video chats, we have to think back to the humble landline telephone. After all, it was the technology that kept us all in touch and spurred the birth of the cellular telephone.

A brief history of the telephone

It’s hard to imagine that telephones have been in our lives since 1876. Just one year after its invention, the first long-distance call was made that spanned 58 miles. After a mere 90 years after that, landline telephone service reached 100 million consumers world wild. That’s a pretty big growth! Landline use peaked in 2005-2006, when there was 20 fixed lines for every 100 people.

And in comes the cell phone

Considering it took 90 years for the landline to reach 100 million consumers, cell phones beat that statistic hands down. It took less than 17 years for wireless cell phones to reach 100 million consumers! And so began the death of the landline. Between 1995 and 2010, landline-only homes dropped to 12.9 percent in the U.S.

Will the landline ever die out?

It’s estimated that in the coming decades, yes, there will no long be landline telephones. Sad to think that a device with 144-year history could come to an end. But we do love our cell phones, don’t we? Although now we are beginning to ditch voice communication in favor of text.

VoiceNation believes in the power of voice

It’s convenient, and oftentimes faster, to communicate via text or email. But here at VoiceNation, we believe in the power of voice. We believe that customers want human interaction when communicating with businesses. We feel that it creates the best customer experience when you can talk to an actual human and get the response that you need. It’s why we are a top-rated telephone answering service.

What is a telephone answering service?

When you sign up with VoiceNation’s answering service, you forward your business calls to us. Our team of friendly, professional operators answer every single one of your calls. They’ll take messages from the callers and then send them to you immediately through our mobile app, online dashboard, text and email. We can also forward calls, process orders, set appointments and more.

What are the benefits of a telephone answering service?

As we stated before, it creates great customer experience. Instead of your customers getting frustrated going through automated menu prompts to reach a person or being directed to voicemail, they’re able to connect with a live operator right away. Also, every call could be your next customer. If you’re not answering every single one of your calls, you could be missing out on new leads. It’s a great way to keep your existing customers and bring in new customers.

Telephone answering service year-round

Is your business line constantly ringing off the hook? Whether it’s after hours, on the weekends or holidays, you need a break! But you need to be answering those calls, remember? VoiceNation offers 24/7/365 telephone answering so your business will always stay open.

Learn more about our telephone answering service

Growing your business is our business at VoiceNation. We want to make sure you never miss another call again. Check out our features, our mobile app and our plans. We are affordable and there for you 100% of the time. Have questions? Give us a call! 877.679.3777.