Set up your accounting firm with business phone answering this tax season 

Peyton Duplechien • 11 Mar 2020 • 3 min read

Tax season is hard enough on accountants. With all the extra work and the time crunch, a 40-hour work week might turn into 60 – if not more – for weeks on end.  
The balance between filing paperwork for clients and answering phone calls gets thrown out the window, and suddenly accounting firms or solo accountants have a full voicemail box.  
Calls are important, even when the paperwork is piling up and accountants are working into the night. It could clients calling with questions or providing additional information. Or it could prospective clients, which could be a good business growth opportunity.  

Consider business phone answering 

Having a business phone answering service can help accountants and accounting firms focus on the work that’s at hand, and leave call answering to a third-party. Such service can free up time both in having to field calls and in listening to voicemails in the morning or at the end of the day. Some things to consider when looking into business phone answering services are: 

  • Custom scripting. Some answering services will simply answer the phone with your preferred greeting and then take a message. Other answering services act as virtual receptionists – meaning you can create scripts to collect detailed caller information. This helps expedite the process. You will have a clear understanding of what the caller wanted when they are walked through a message-taking process instead of just having their name and phone number collected. 
  • 24/7 service. Accountants know that during tax season, normal operating hours are shattered. Firms and accountants might receive calls no matter the time of day. With a 24/7 service, you get call answering not just after hours, but before hours and also during the weekend.  
  • US-based operators. If your accounting firm or business is in the U.S., you want your answering service operators to be, as well. This helps with continuity between your normal call answering and when you choose to use your answering service 

Deep dive for more features

If you want a business phone answering service that acts like an in-house receptionist, look for these features, as well.

  • Call forwarding. If it’s important for a client to speak with an accountant right away, your answering service should be able to transfer the call. You should be able to instruct your answering service on how you want the transfer to be performed. There is a “warm transfer” where the answering service operator will speak to the person the call is being transferred to, letting them know who is calling and why – much like an in-office receptionist would. Or there is the “cold transfer” where the phone will ring directly to accountant without the information on the caller. A warm transfer is generally preferred because it’s more seamless. And the operator will know whether the call was connected or if the accountant as unavailable, at which point, they will take a message instead of the caller ending up in voicemail or being disconnected. 
  • Appointment setting. Give this administrative task to an answering service with the capability to schedule appointments.  

A technology-powered answering service 

VoiceNation uses award-winning, proprietary technology for complex, customized scripting and detailed message taking. VoiceNation operators are 100% US-based and able to forward calls, set appointments and answer basic client questions. Tax season is busy enough. Take some of it off your plate with exceptional business call answering. With affordable plans and pricing, you’ll be saving time and money.  

How VoiceNation business phone answering works 

It’s simple! Choose a number to advertise on your website, business cards or to your clients. When you’re too busy to answer calls, simply forward your office or mobile line to VoiceNation and our operators start answering right away. VoiceNation has a simple and instant activation process – no waiting days for your account to be active. Onboarding specialists help you refine your script so our operators answer the calls just as you would. 
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