Why having a real person answering your phone matters

Peyton Duplechien • 03 Feb 2020 • 2 min read

No matter the industry or the size of the business, you likely need a phone system to take the wide range of calls you get. Many industries are becoming reliant on automated answering services. But having a real person answer your phones is the personal touch that makes the right impression.

Empathy for your customers

Depending on your business, you may have a lot of people contact you who are under extreme duress – attorneys, for example. Conversely, your business might receive calls from angry or frustrated customers in need of troubleshooting assistance. When emotional customers contact you, it’s best to have a real person pick up the phone. A skilled operator will be able to calm down customers. A live answering service will make your customers feel more appreciated, which is a lasting impression you want.

Speed up problem solving

If you have an automated messaging service, customers will have to go from menu to menu to get the answers they’re looking for. This can be frustrating and may result in hang-ups. This could cause you to lose a customer! Also, if your business deals with emergency situations, then quick solutions are vital. With a real person on the line, customers can get the assistance they need right away.

Respond promptly

If customers are routinely sent to voicemail, it can build up a hefty call log quickly. If a customer needed a timely answer, they may have had to go without it, and that doesn’t make for a happy customer. Using an automated answering service means your messages aren’t prioritized. A live operator can make sure that messages are sent to you by priority, so your customers can get the prompt answers they deserve.

Consider live answering

If customer service is a priority to your business, look into live answering as a solution. By having a team of professional live operators picking up your calls, you’ll never miss another call or deal with a full voicemail inbox ever again!

How does live answering work?

It’s easy, when you sign up for a live answering plan, you choose when to have operators pick up your calls. Simply forward your calls to your answering service and relax, they’ve got you covered. The operators will take your messages and send them straight to you!

Why VoiceNation is the best live answering service

When you sign up for one of VoiceNation’s affordable plans, your account is activated instantly. That means operators start taking your calls right away. Messages are sent to you immediately through our mobile app, online dashboard, text and email.

The best live answering features

We have the best features out there. We go beyond simple message taking by offering call forwarding, order processing, appointment setting, call screening and bilingual operators. Everything is included in your plan!  We also offer the smartest call reports and analytics, so you know your top callers, the types of calls you’re receiving and more. Get started with our free, seven-day trial or call us for more info! 877.679.3777.