Top 5 tips for Small Business Saturday

Peyton Duplechien • 07 Nov 2019 • 2 min read

While Small Business Saturday can be extremely hectic, it’s also very exciting. It’s amazing to see small businesses included in the holiday season shopping rush instead of just focusing on the major retailers. If you’re wondering how best to take advantage of this holiday, check out these five tips.

1. Start preparing now!

The major retailers start advertising for Black Friday plenty in advance. In fact, there are entire websites dedicated to leaking the big deals slated for the holiday. While you may not be able to generate the exact same intrigue, you can start advertising your business and the deals and promotions you plan on having.

2. Get web ready

Online shopping certainly has exploded in the past few years. While small businesses with brick and mortars have a certain shopping experience that can’t be replicated by the big retailers, shoppers still want the option of ordering online. Make sure you advertise your promotions on your website and that your inventory is in stock!

3. Streamline your products

Don’t paralyze your customers with a thousand options. Group together related products in nice-looking displays. Promote specific products that would make great gifts. Make it easy for the customer to make a purchase!

4. Use social media

Now is a great time to get the word out about your products and promotions and participation regarding Small Business Saturday. Post links and discounts on Facebook and Twitter. Take pictures of displays and products to post on Instagram.

5. Focus on customer service

This is such a great opportunity to grow your business. And not just from an immediate profit standpoint. If you’re in the store greeting customers, helping them and giving them the best experience possible, they’re likely to come back after the shopping rush is over. And what’s more, they may spread the word about your business to family and friends. You can’t beat word-of-mouth marketing!

Live answering to help your business

We’ll give you one more tip! During busy seasons, while you’re preparing your storefront and providing excellent customer experience on the floor, who is manning your phones? Every call could be your next customer! And prospective customers are more likely to call the next business on their list instead of leaving a voicemail and waiting for a return call.
When you’re busy, you can choose to forward your calls to an answering service. Operators will take messages and send them directly back to you.
At VoiceNation, we offer 24/7 live call answering. We can take messages, forward calls to you or other employees, process orders and more. Our simple pricing means no contract and no extra or hidden fees or charges.
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