Why Live Chat Is Important to the Customer Service Experience

Adam Alred • 09 Nov 2022 • 2 min read

Every business knows that finding new customers is crucial for success. Equally as important, however, is retaining them and fostering brand loyalty. This is how companies ensure that their business continues to grow and flourish over time. One of the most effective ways of making this happen is through the use of live chat services to provide high-quality customer service.

Why Is Customer Service Important?

The relationship between a business and its consumers doesn’t end with the purchase of a product or service. Making sure that your consumer is happy and satisfied with your product is perhaps the most important thing your company can do to guarantee continued growth. But with today’s technology, it’s relatively simple to gauge consumer satisfaction through channels such as online surveys. So why is it important to talk to customers?

Allowing your customers to contact your business directly isn’t just a good idea: It’s something today’s consumers have come to expect. If a customer runs into an issue or problem with a product or service you’ve provided, they want to know that it can be resolved swiftly and efficiently. A good customer service experience goes a long way toward reassuring them of this.

When a customer can speak with a customer service representative quickly, you’re able to help minimize the damage to your brand that may have occurred due to the problem the customer is experiencing. If, however, a customer is unable to reach your business for assistance, it becomes increasingly likely that they’ll cease to be a customer at all. This is a major reason why customer service is an important part of running a successful business.

Why Live Chat Is Important for Successful Customer Service

The biggest reason why it’s important to talk to customers through live chat is that it’s an effective tool for providing good service. To understand why live chat is important, you need to know what makes a successful customer service experience. When a customer contacts your business for assistance, they’re expecting a quick response, effective help, clear communication, and a successful resolution to their issue.

The live chat service model can accomplish all of these customer service goals in the following ways:

  • Live chat allows for instant communication. Unlike alternatives like email, customers and service representatives are able to communicate in real-time.
  • Live chat helps build a rapport with customers. Because the customer and service representative are exchanging messages instantaneously, they’re able to develop a connection with one another much easier.
  • Live chat has little to no wait time. Customers are instantly paired with a service representative to assist them.
  • Live chat discussions can be archived for future use. If a customer returns with a similar problem, service representatives can refer to previous discussions for assistance.
  • Live chat resolves customer issues quickly. Asynchronous communication methods like email can be drawn out and take much longer than needed. Live chat allows an issue to be fixed in a significantly shorter amount of time.
  • Live chat can provide 24/7 support. This allows your customers to contact your business at the time that’s most convenient for them.

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By Adam Alred

VP of IT @ VoiceNation